Monday, October 15, 2012

Escape From Creepy Lab

After few months of work I managed to finish "Escape From Creepy Lab". This is platform game with some elements of logic (sometimes you have to think first before do something). You can download it here. I love the review written in "Mobi Apps Review " (
    The game is built with 3D engine and everything (except of HUD) is created with "edgy" 3D graphics. I wanted it to looks like "Minecraft" but don't want it to be identical, thats why most of objects are shaded with gouraud shading and some of them have enabled texture filtering.

    Unfortunately looks like there are not so many oldschool game lovers (like me) or maybe I am unable to break through other productions, to be seen by users, because so far this game is a big failure.
Anyway making a game gives you sometimes a lot of fun, but it is a hard work too. Making a game (like this one) is not only the game itself, but if you are using free game engine you usualy have to write additional tools, like level editors, unless you are writing game where next level is simply done by increase game speed ;). Maybe in future I will publish map editor for Creepy Lab.

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