Monday, May 14, 2012

Spray The Wall 3D

Last time I didn't have time for blog, latest projects are taking all my time.
However there is one good point of it - I can present now new game: "Spray The Wall 3D".
After "long" time I was able to finish it. However I have just received message that this game don't work correctly on some devices :(
So far I am unable to find what causes it.

I don't want to abandon my previous game, thats why I decided to publish level editor for Trace On (soon), and add to it possibility to load levels from external files. But first I have to finish my latest short project (it will be wallpaper).
Do not expect too much, from this level editor, it was designed for someone who has a small knowledge about this game and it limitations, so don't blame me if it won't be user friendly.

For those who don't read descriptions on Play Market I have posted video with "Recognizer" mode available in game Trace On. To play it you have to select last available vehicle in "vehicle" menu.

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