Thursday, July 21, 2011

Android, Tron, Light Cycles, 3D ... let's start

I want to make this blog so everyone can see the progress, and results of my different smaller and bigger projects. My first project for wide range of peoples is dedicated on Android platform. I know there is a lot of this kind games, but i want to add some "special modifiactions" to this type and there it goes: "Trace_on - raster bikes" ;) So far it has:
  • drive on board 2 levels depth
  • 1 vs many (1 human, and many CPU players)
  • fast graphics
  • works on devices with Android 2.1, OpenGL 1.1
I'am not sure if I will be able to guide this project to the end, but we shall see. If you don't like this kind of games.... don't play it :)

This is preview:

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