Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trace On level editor available for download

Click to download Trace_On level editor

I have decided to publish level editor for Trace_On. There are few people who like this game (like me :] ), so if you like it and have an idea for new level then this article is for you.
      If you have latest version of Trace_On, then you probably saw new menu - "Load level from file" - this menu gives you opportunity to load and play your custom level. I'll explain basic usage of level editor. First you have to download it from here, this is Windows application not for Android ;) and it was made for use by game developers not user :p

Let's start.

When you run this app you will see something like this:

 The central part of the window is top view of playfield. To ease the positioning of level elements there is a grid, and enabled snap to grid by default. You can change step of the grid here:

when you enter new value and click anywhere in the window the grid step will be changed after 2 seconds.
On the right side of window you can see properties of selected element. When there is nothing selected (you clicked background) it will shows properties of level:
  • Descriptive name - description displayed when the level starts
  • Game speed - less value means faster movements, try to set it between 10 and 20
  • Level distance - distance between upper and lower playfield
  • Logical board width and height - dimension of playfield
  • Scale factor - this value will transform logical board into phisical display of playfield and will affect the feel of speed

The actors

   First thing you usually want to add are "holes" or rather ramps. It should be at least one. In the properties you can change direction of it or change ramp into hole:

Next you add players. By default when you add player it has player mode set to PLAYER_CPU1, you can add as many as you want those types of players, they are computer players, but you have to add one player and change it's mode to PLAYER_HUMAN. If you don't add exit then level mode will be automaticaly set to "last standing wins" and in this mode you have to have at least 2 players.

Important! If you want to change where player starts (upper or lower level) you do it with "StartLevel" property, and it have to be set to 0 or 2. Other values will cause the game to work incorrectly.

   The exit. 

If you add an exit then level mode will be set to "find the exit" you can add as many exits as you want.

Important! As with players if you want to change where the exit is placed (upper or lower level) you do it with "Level" property, and it have to be set to 0 or 2. Other values will cause the game to work incorrectly.

The finish

When you finish your level, you just have to copy it to phone, and select game menu "Load level from file" navigate to your file and play ! :)
Last notes:
  • If you want to change position of item then click "Move" menu button and drag and move it
  • If you want to change properties of item just select it (disable any "Add..." menu buttons first)
  • If you have problem seleting item - disable "Snap to grid"
  • If you want to delete something - select it and click "Delete" button
  • On the phone items X positions will be reversed
If you manage to create level send me a copy by e-mail, I want to try it too.

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