Saturday, July 6, 2013

Craft Breaker Editor

When you start to work on the game you have to remember about additional tools that may be needed, especially if you use a free graphics engines (for those who are curious – in most cases I use jPCT angine, and few times my own creation ;) ). One such tool that I knew that sooner or later I'll have to write was "level editor". It is important to consider this at the planning stage because you may find that the design of your game will never be finished because of the "small" oversights.
I most feared to start develop this editor. I felt that it will take me a lot of time to develop it, but fortunately it was not so bad - I chosed the simplest possible solution - application in the managed code with wrapper library for OpenGL 1.x (C# + Tao framework). Finally editor took me one day to develop :D and here you can see it in action:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Music Ride

Finally I was able to publish very first version of Music Ride - rythm game. After few hours I find out that there is problem with scoreloop leaderboard - on my phones everything worked fine but I didn't receive any score records. I have made new publication and I hope this problem is solved.

Some technical info: the analyzer routine is written in C, and compiled to three CPU architectures (ARM, ARMv7, x86). So the owners of new devices equiped with ARMv7 (and ATOM) should not suffer from long calculations. The algorithm is quite simple, you can find description of it on internet - in nutshell: it makes FTT of audio data, and measure average music power comparing it to "accumulated" average music power value of longer period of time (longer = about 1 second).

The fantastic music I used in this game was created by LUKHASH. I like his style and thanks to him I was able to add this music to game. The game is available at Google Play